Preservation Project

Harrodsburg, Ky. – Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill has been awarded a $5.1 million grant from the Lilly Endowment Inc. in support of site’s Restoring the Spiritual Center project.

The project will preserve, protect and interpret the site’s two most iconic buildings, the 1824 Centre Family Dwelling and the 1820 Meeting House, which served as the spiritual epicenter of the Pleasant Hill Shaker community for nearly 100 years.

The management, care and public access to historic Shaker spaces, collections and archives will be targeted for improvement through the project. The two buildings are testaments to Kentucky Shaker craftsmanship, ingenuity and spirituality. The 24,000 square-foot Centre Family Dwelling was once the second largest structure in the state.

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Picturesque Scenery - an 1847 description of Pleasant Hill

Historical sketches of Kentucky: 
embracing its history, antiquities, and natural curiosities, 
geographical, statistical, and geological descriptions 
by Lewis Collins, 1847.
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Shaker Fashion

Although this photo is not identified as being taken at Pleasant Hill, it is nonetheless, a wonderful example of Shaker fashion in the 19th century.

Edward Deming Andrews Memorial Shaker Collection,
part of the 
Winterthur Digital Collections 

A Shaker Heritage Society posting from 2013 discusses Shaker fashion over the years:

As we examine Shaker fashion, it is important to consider the differences between individual Shakers and various Shaker communities, as well as the fact that everything changes over time – what may have been true in 1897 would have been unheard of in 1834.  Continue reading here ...


January 12 - On This Date in 1817

The society was divided in two classes in their meeting in Seignor class or Order led by the Ministry and the Junior Order led by John Dunlavy. About this time John Dunlavy James Congleton Betsy McCarver and Lydia Runyon and Jimmy Congleton were set a part to take charge of young Believers that were coming to visit, and to counsel and heare openings, and to go out preaching as occasion required they lived at the Center Family Except James Congleton he lived at the East Family. In this time John Dunlavy was engaged in writeing the Manifeso.

Note: Shaker journal entries and letters have not been edited for clarity or for errors in spelling or grammar. In some cases, stories or letters have been excerpted or shortened. Information that appears within brackets has been added for clarification.


January 7th - On This Date in 1813

The North Family mov'd up to the log school house it stood about 20 rods north of the three storyed Center stone house, then occupied by the School Family, the Children having been collected there in 1811.


This Month in 1910 ...

The eleven remaining members agree to dissolve the Society at Pleasant Hill.